Friday, August 13, 2010

Hand and Foot Lobster

I first made them a few years ago while working at a daycare/preschool. Every time I see them they make me giggle. We had so much fun with this one! I hope you do too!

1. Paint your child's foot and print it on a piece of construction paper.

2. Above the heal end of the foot, print your child's hands. Fingers together, thumb apart to make a claw.

3. Using a marker, connect the claws to the body.
4. Add details and you have a very silly lobster.


  1. We are SO doing this! How fun.

  2. Oh, that is super cute! We might have to do it.

  3. Going out tomorrow and buying red paint....

  4. I made one of these when I was little - I totally forgot about it until just now, but I remember how much fun it was to make! I think my mom still has it somewhere it her house!

  5. We are doing this one for sure!!


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