Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Messy Fun :: Magic Muck

Making messes is part of being a kid, right? Well then, it must be true, I am just a big kid! I love doing messy activities with my kids and they never shy away from getting a "little" dirty, so this activity was perfect. Magic Muck is a very simple concoction made by mixing equal parts cornstarch and water.
One of the fun things to do with Magic Muck is to....


We also...



  1. We love muck in our house, but we call it Goop. I have been making this for years with my preschool students.

  2. Never heard of this but my kids would have fun just making a mess.

  3. Isn't cornstarch so much fun? I love how easy it is to clean up, too (apart from when it's mixed with food coloring).

  4. My 4th graders loved this...we called it ooblek!! Looks like you all had a great time too :0)

  5. I have one muck lover and one who would shy away from it! Hmm. I wonder what my 3rd child will be like??

  6. You're such an awesome Mommy!!! I'm NEVER letting Bella near your blog....lol!

  7. This is great, we make something similar - we just call it "slime" - with Borax and white school glue...this sounds better!


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