Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday Book Project-Dr. Seuss

Today in honor of Dr. Seuss's birthday on March 2, we had a breakfast of green eggs and ham. I don't know any kid, or adult for that matter, that does not enjoy a good Dr. Seuss book. They are a family favorite at our house and I am sure your kids like them too.

Of course to really enjoy a green eggs and ham breakfast, you must dine in style. Before we ate, the kids made a Dr. Seuss hat to wear. I simply cut the hat shape out and the kids glued red stripes to it. I then attached it to a band made out of paper to fit their heads.

Here are my junior Cats in hats eating their green eggs and ham:0)

If you would like to share a book inspired project that you have done, just sign the Mr. Linky below:0) Happy reading!


  1. Looks like they had fun! Feel free to also post your Seuss project on my Seuss linky hereif you'd like. We're stuck inside sick (well, mom) today, so a book project sounds perfect. I'll try to think of something.

  2. so cute, we did green eggs and ham too- well we had bacon, cause its what i had,but same idea-.

    I love Dr.Seuss books they ae so funny.We went to the local school last night, they had a Dr.Seuss night open to the public, and we got to make oobleck it was the green ppolymere gunk-cornstarch water food color-, but the kids loved it.

  3. Very cute, did the kids eat the eggs without thinking they looked weird green?

  4. Sandy, that is so cute! You are such a good Mom. I see you also have a new kid:)

    We have a couple of Dr. Suess favorites, that I have to keep reading over and over.

  5. LOVE Dr Suess! We usually eat green eggs and ham on St. Patrics day. The hats are sooooo cute, what a fun idea.


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