Wednesday, March 4, 2009

In Like a Lion...

You know the saying "March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb"? I sure hope that holds true this year. The weather has been very lion-like here. We are ready for spring:0)
Today we made a fun little lion using our hands for the mane!
1. Trace your child's hand.
2. Cut several out of brown and yellow paper.
3. While you are cutting, have your child color a circle with a brown crayon.
4. Glue the hands all the way around the outside of the circle.
5. Add a nose, some ears, and eyes.
6. Using a pencil, curl the fingers to make a curly mane.
7. Here is Madelyn with her finished lion. If you would like, you could make this into a mask by cutting out the eyes:0)


  1. This is so cute...I have been thinking about what I was going to do for that saying!! I might have to give this project a try with Emily. She loves having her hands traced!!!

  2. Awesome project! We'll have to do this, it's simple enough for a 2-year-old. :)

  3. That's cute! I'll have to do this one too!

  4. Adorable! Can I use it on kidz?

  5. that is the cutest lion!!!

  6. What a fun craft!! You always have such great ideas!!

  7. The lion came out so cute, I remember trying this once with my class of 20 and it was a headache so we never did it again with their own handprints. We made a version using the die cut hands our school's die cut system could make. Another year it was the craft the kids made at home with their family. But I think I'll have to revist this craft now that I only have one to do!

  8. That is a cute project! Great for something to do after the zoo:)

  9. so cute now I know what we are ding tommorow for a craft.

    Thanks for the idea I love anything with the handprints.

  10. What a cute way to welcome in March!

  11. Awesome craft - we did it this morning and loved it. My favorite part was that everything we needed, we already had - scissors, glue, and paper. I linked this page to my blog with pictures of our lions. Thank you!


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