Monday, March 23, 2009

Muffin Tin Monday-Rainbows

We have not done a muffin tin meal in a while. The girls have really missed it, so today we got back in the game! The theme for today's Muffin Tin Monday is rainbows! As you can see by the picture, Madelyn was thrilled to have her tin again:0)

We had RED-tomatoes
GREEN-bell peppers
PURPLE- juice
...and an extra special treat...a RAINBOW of fruit snacks:0)
For more Muffin Tin Meals, please visit Her Cup Overfloweth!


  1. Thanks for stopping at my blog! I love your blog and all the idea's and projects that you do.

  2. You did a fabulous job as always! And what a sweet little girl!

  3. What a great idea! My kids know and always say, "We have to eat the rainbow" but I never thought about actually doing this.

  4. Thanks for commenting on my blog.

    I LOVE this idea! Never heard of it but man I'm willing to try anything with my very picky 5 year old daughter. I swear the girl eats nothing but rice and noodles.

  5. What a yummy, yummy rainbow. I should try green peppers , I wonder if little guy would go for that.

  6. Oh, Sandyyyyyy...... Will you please join us next week for my photo challenge?

  7. Lovely! So colourful and yummy looking.

  8. I love this, we have just discovered muffin tin meals, and I think we are ging to give it a go. How fun .

  9. I think the rainbow theme has been the most fun so far! So many fun colors!!

  10. What a cool idea - muffin tin meals! I love it! I must try that!

  11. Sometimes I miss all these fun things now that my kids are grown. I can hardly wait until grandbabies are old enough for the fun@!!

  12. That's adorable!
    I'm ashamed to even try to remember how much I paid for some silly tray at Pottery Barn... I could have just grabbed a colorful muffin tin!
    Great idea.


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