Saturday, March 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Michael!

Today, my first born turns 17 years old! Where in the heck does the time go? It seems like just yesterday when he loved playing out in the yard digging in the dirt and getting messy. Now he's all grown up!

Oh yeah, that was just yesterday! Happy Birthday Michael!


  1. What a handsome son - happy birthday man!
    LOL I love that u said,
    "It seems like just yesterday when he love playing out in the yard digging in the dirt and getting messy. Now he's all grown up!" ...and apparently still loves playing in the dirt, great pic :-)
    Have fun with your celebrations!!

  2. He is so grown up! Happy Birthday to Michael!!

  3. very funny! Happy Birthday to him!

  4. Oh My Gosh!! He is almost a man!! Happy birthday Michael!!

  5. Oh, I know I'll be thinking the same thing soon enough. My little boy is only 3 months old and it's going too fast.

    Happy Birthday to your "little" boy!


  6. Hello :)
    I decided to visit my Old Website Today and I saw that you commented on there welcoming me to The Secret is in the sauce I wanted to let you know I changed my Blog Thanks for the comment come by the new one for a visit Blesses

  7. Don't take this the wrong way...but there is no way you're old enough to have a kiddo who's 17! Happy birthday Michael!!!

  8. hi sandy,
    it is so nice to meet you, virtually anyhow lol... i'm following you back here and on the tweetster, looking forward to learning more about you and your family... hope you had a great bday with your son! they do grow up sooo fast my oldest is graduating from college in a few weeks, it's over in a heartbeat... any ideas on college yet? stop over and holla anytime!

  9. Happy Birthday Michael! My second turned 17 two days later. Isn't it amazing to have "old" kids!!


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