Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tootsie Tulips

Spring is in the air and the flowers are bursting through the Earth to show off their brilliant colors! Today we made some colorful flowers of our own. These "tootsie" tulips are a project that we did every spring when I was working at a daycare center/ preschool. I just have to make them every year, because I can't resist the cuteness of little feet!

1. Paint the bottom of your child's foot and print it on a piece of construction paper. *Warning: This may cause uncontrollable giggling!

2. Add some leaves and a stem.

There you have it! A very simple project to brighten any room on a spring day!


  1. How fun! Being autistic my son is very sensitive and will giggle even when the touch is rough. I may have to hold him down to get his feet painted. LOL

  2. thanks for stopping by sitsta! love all the foot crafts!

  3. I found a cute poem that would be fun to add to this project for a mother's day gift idea...

    Dear Mom (or Grandma),

    I will love you forever;
    And forever you will be
    The most wonderful mommy (or grandma),
    You mean everything to me.

    I thought of buying you flowers
    In the usual way,
    But I knew you would prefer
    A FOREVER bouquet!


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