Friday, January 30, 2009

FlashBack Friday

I love looking over old pictures and remembering all the great times I had as a kid. The picture that I chose was from when I was nine years old. My family, as well as many Aunts and Uncles and a whole bunch of cousins, spent some time at a cabin at the lake. It was so much fun. It was also where I learned to swim. Great memories. In this picture, I am holding my two cousins. This was a very common thing. I loved taking care of the babies. I still do, which is probably the reason that I have five children and would like more. What a great flashback!

If you would like to share a flashback from your life, go visit Tara!


  1. Taking a look back in time always warms my heart, and often makes me cry. Such a sweet picture...thanks for sharing it today!

  2. Oh sweet. Already mothering at age 9... love it! I'm so glad you're playing along with flashback fri. I think it's going to be so much fun to remember where I came from and I find out about everyone else too!

    My family had a lake where we gathered in the summers too. I love doing that type of thing. It creates a strong bond between cousins. So sweet.

  3. Thanks for the idea Sandy...went over to Tara's and did the linky love thing :)

    Great photo by the way! Of you and your cousins.

  4. Awe. I loved kids too. Now that I have two of my own, I realised I am done! Although I still like other people's kids still!!

  5. OMgosh i have a pic just like this!!! LOVE it!!!!

  6. Sweet picture! The baby lost a sock:) I loved babies at that age too.

    We didn't have a place by the lake when I was younger. Though I did have a pool. My Hubby's parents have a place by the lake, so my kids will have those memories.

    What a fun thing to do. But, I don't have old pictures of me:(

  7. That is so sweet. I'm like you - love children. Wish we could have more. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Sounds like you have a wonderful extended family, Sandy. That is so great. So do I. In fact, we are having a big gathering for the Superbowl this weekend that I am really looking forward to.

    Big families make for really good holiday celebrations, wouldn't you agree?


  9. Ahhh so cute! And you're an awesome Mommy!!!!

  10. Nice flashback photo!

    Hugs and Mocha,

  11. What a cute picture. We have gone to Bear Lake for years. I have to get a scanner so I can join in on Flash back Friday.


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