Monday, January 5, 2009

Muffin Tin Monday

Lunch is always better in a Muffin Tin:)
Top Row: cheese, Sweet Lebanon Bologna rolled with cream cheese, cheese crackers
Bottom Row: grapes, pickles, yogurt

For more Muffin Tin Monday visit Her Cup Overfloweth!


  1. OK - my kids would really love this muffin tin lunch thing. I need to try it with them!

  2. Great tin today!! I love the music on your blog...Laurie Berkner is a favorite at our house!

  3. That looks so yummy! I have said this before, I wonder if I put the food in muffin tins, will my younger kids eat the food I make:) Right now they are picky eaters.

    Wow, your blog is so fancy!!

  4. Aside from the pickles - my kids would love that muffin tin!

  5. I have to side with the "no pickles" crew personally. :) But I love the idea of the bologna rolled with cream cheese!

  6. I just cant wait til my kids are older - I am seeing the fun! And wow.. when do they start eating pickles!? hehe

  7. LOVe the pickles!!! the whole tin is right up my alley ... and I am also going to use your bedtime chart with my little guy, looks like a great idea.


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