Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Freedom Torches

In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King and the inauguration of our new president, Barack Obama, today we made Freedom Torches! This is very easy!

1. Paint an empty paper towel roll white.

2. Allow it to dry and cut out a few stars from red and blue paper.

3. Glue the stars to the paper towel roll.

4. Stuff a piece of yellow tissue paper in the end of the paper towel roll to resemble a flame.

5. Finished! Wave your freedom torch high, for today is an historic day!


  1. Look at that sweet patriotic girl!!

    Easy project and I have all the supplies already.

  2. You really know how to rock a paper towel roll girl! Love it!

  3. Cool idea!!
    Thanks for stopping by :)

  4. Oh she is so cute with her little torch! How fun! Good way to get kids involved in today! Sharing the pride! :)

  5. Those are great! Very simple, yet fun and very cute. In fact, there are lots of great craft ideas here, what a wonderful blog!


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