Thursday, January 29, 2009

Infected Toes and Vomit!

This is how my week is going! Tuesday, I was fresh out of bed and still adjusting to the light when I passed my son Brandon in the hall heading to the bathroom. Although my eyes were still foggy, I could see that something was just not right. As I looked down, I see that his big toe is almost double in size and the color of a flashing neon sign.

I said,
"Brandon, your toe is infected!"
Brandon, "Ya I know. It will be fine."

At this point, my own toe begins to throb at the sight of that thing.

I said, "You can't go to school that way! You have to see the doctor! How long has it been like that?"
He says,
"About a week or so."

I am now picturing my son at the beach with flip flops and no big toe. Not gonna work! So, we took him to the doctor, they said his toenail was ingrown and gave him antibiotics. In two weeks, he has to return to have the ingrown toenail cut out. Ouch! Strangely, he never thought to mention it to me. Ugh!

Last night, I was awakened by the sound of my oldest son Michael, vomiting over and over again. I sure hope it ends with him and we don't have another Barf o' Rama!


  1. Oh yuck. Lot's of "fun" going on at the Adam's house, huh? Hope everyone feels better soon!

  2. OUCH...i have an ingrown nail right now...and it hurts....i don't know how he can stand it!!!

  3. I actually drove a friend to the podiatrist for that procedure. Can't help you on this one. I'm getting queasy at the memory.

  4. OUCH! Poor guy! Hope they both feel better soon!

  5. My Hubby would be wincing if he read this post. When he was younger, he would get ingrown toenails all the time. He said the whole process is painful. Even though they numb it, it is still painful when they cut it out. Poor Brandon.

    Hope Michael is feeling better and no one else is sick.

    There is a bunch of medical activities going on over at your joint:)

  6. Okay...this is gonna sound REALLY crazy, but I have a fear of getting an ingrown toe nail. Never had one, but that's why I get pedicures. They tend to take care of all that stuff "down there" for me! I'm weird, I know.

  7. Ingrown toenails are the WORST!!! It's amazing how a little piece of nail can hurt so bad.

    I hope everyone feels better soon!

  8. Wow. You weren't complaining about being bored before all this happened, were you? ;) Fingers crossed everyone is on the mend quickly!

    And thank you so much for coming to visit my blog on my SITS day. Today has been so much fun and so lovely to see the response and fun comments. I really appreciate it. I hope you enjoyed my blog and come back to visit soon!

  9. My son just did this same toenail routine with me! How did he not tell me????? Hope things are on the mend soon!!!


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