Friday, January 2, 2009

New Feature-Friday Book Project

I have decided to start a new feature every Friday on my blog. This is something that I have been considering for a long time. I have always read a lot to my kids and occasionally I do a project to go along with the book. This is especially good to encourage your kids to love reading like I do. So every Friday, I will feature a book and a project to go along with it. If anyone wants to join in, that would be great. Send me an e mail or leave me a comment and I will link to you!

Our first book is a favorite of mine. The Rainbow Fish! By Marcus Pfister.

We will be making Coffee Filter Rainbow Fish.

1. You will need a coffee filter.
2. Color the filter with markers. Bright colors work best.
3. After the coffee filter is colored. Mist it lightly with water from a spray bottle. Allow it to dry.
4. When it is dry, cut it into the shape of a fish.
5. Draw a mouth. Glue on an eye. (I used a notebook paper reinforcement.) Glue on some fins made of foil.
You're finished! Here is our school of Rainbow Fish:)

For some more Book Inspired activities, please visit:


  1. That is such a cool project!

    I'll have to track down that book, I loved it as a child & I hope my boys do too!

  2. We love this book. We read it alot. The kids will love this project!!

    When you mean join in: as in doing the projects or also reading a different book and doing a project.

  3. I love that book, but I'm not sure that I've ever read it to my youngest 2 kids. Great craft too. Perfect idea to help prevent cabin fever!

  4. This is a lovely book and very, very famous in the Netherlands too. Overhere it is called "the most beautiful little fish of the sea" (het mooiste visje van de zee). We love it and we will certainly will make some of these lovely fishes too. It's a great idea to connect a childrens book with a craft activity.. I made some of your lovely crafts al ready with our youngest kids and we are all loving it! They keep asking me for more and more haha! So, my compliments to you and thanks for sharing your lovely ideas with us...

  5. That looks fun and easy. The best part is that I have all the materials at the house today. Will be trying this one out with the kiddos this week. That is one of our favorite books.

  6. I love your blog!!!! I taught Kindergarten for 12 years and it brought back such warm filled memories. Your projects are awesome!


  7. Sandy, what a great idea! I am a Reading Teacher and may use your idea in my newsletter for parents. I sure wish more parents would do things like this with their kids.

  8. What a wonderful project! I'll have to try to get it together to come up with an original project to go with one of our favorite books around here one of these Fridays!

  9. I saw this project yesterday and today at the library I ran across the book and checked it out. I baby-sit toddler grandchildren one day a week and they love to read books and do crafts! Thanks for this wonderful project.

    I love your site. Last month I read the Gingerbread Man book to them and we did the your December Gingerbread Man craft.

    Thanks, Judy

  10. Love your little craft project to do with this book :) Should be a fun feature for your blog - can't wait to see what else you have to share!

  11. I love this idea! I'm doing it tomorrow with my kiddos! Thanks for the idea!


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