Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Gingerbread Men

Gingerbread men are another one of my favorite things to make. To me, they are almost as cute as snowmen.

1. For this project. I cut two gingerbread men silhouettes out of a brown paper grocery bag.

2. I then used a hole punch to makes holes all the way around the outside of the gingerbread man. (through both pieces)

3. I laced the two pieces together with yarn leaving an opening to stuff our gingerbread man. My girls are pretty good at lacing things, but having two pieces to lace together was tricky so I did this step for them. Older children could do this alone.

4. I shredded some old newspaper and stuffed the gingerbread man.

5. Then I finished lacing him shut and tied off the yarn.

6.We glued on a vest that I cut from some fabric scraps.

7.Then added a face.

8. I added a piece of yarn to hang him up. and he's finished!


  1. It's so cute!
    I think the kids I nanny for must be ADD bc I see these awesome crafts your little ones are doing and I picture doing them w/ the toddlers I nanny for and all I can see is glue in my hair and glitter on the windows and marker on their face....hmmm....what's your secret?

  2. This is sooo cute!!! I just happened to stumble across your site today. I do childcare in my home as well and I LOVE your ideas!

  3. So much fun. And kinda educational. I love the idea. Plus, I think it will keep the kids busy for quite a while. thanks for sharing.


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