Thursday, December 11, 2008

My Favorite "T" Things

"Queenie" Jeannie is playing this game on her blog. It's very simple, list your ten favorite things that start with a letter that she assigns. The letter that she gave me was "T".
So here is my list of ten favorite "T" things!
1. trees (mostly during fall)
2. television (when I'm not on the computer)
3. toddlers (they are just so darn entertaining)
4. Target (I love to shop, but I am also cheap!)
5. teeny, tiny toes (Big people toes are gross!)
6. truth (nothing beats honesty)
7. traveling (I don't do it very often, but I love it)
8. toast ( I eat it everyday for breakfast:)
9. trust (I love being able to put my trust in people, it makes me feel good:)
10.togetherness (When all you have is each other, that's all that matters!)

If you would like to play too, just leave me a comment and I will give you a letter:)


  1. You did a FABULOUS job honey!!! You go girl!!

  2. I know I said this before, but I hate feet. Yet, little tootsies are like gold to me. I constantly grab my two little kids feet and asked them if I can have their tootsies. My almost 8 year old's feet is starting to lose their charm. Another sign she is growing up:(

    Television was my first serious addiction, then I discovered blogging. Now, I am stuck between my 2 loves.

    May I please have a letter?

  3. I'm a fan of toddlers too! They are so darn funny!!!!!

  4. Loved reading your list and getting to know more about you! Have a good one, my friend!

  5. Toddlers, truth and toast. This is the life!! ;-)

    Just stopping by (finally!!) those who said hello last week during SITSmas! Thanks for coming by Crumbs!

    And, please send a letter. I'll participate!

  6. I played and was given the letter 'I'. Eeek! I thought it would be really hard to come up with 10 but I did it!
    Great list. Teeny tiny toes are the best!

  7. Target is the best! I wholeheartedly agree with that!

  8. I have to tell ya - I agree whole-heartedly with every single thing on your list!

  9. Very fun game!
    I love all your "T's"!

    I would love to try too! Could you send me a letter?

  10. Now this is the most tardy follow up ever. I've FINALLY posted my "S" things! Phewf!!

    Thanks for the assignment!


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