Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Only Nine Days Left?!

Okay, so I finally started to shop for Christmas and the tree is up, decorations are out, menu planned. Then why oh why can I not get motivated to do anything Christmas like. We visited Santa and have gone to Christmas Boulevard, but I still am not feeling it. I thought I was. Briefly. I find it hard to believe that Christmas is 9 days away. Yesterday it really hit me. It rained all evening and was almost 60 degrees here. Not very Christmasy. My problem is, I think I need snow. Well, today, I am going to try really hard to get back to reality and in the Christmas mood. Maybe a few movies, some eggnog and cookies. I hope it works. How are you handling the final stretch before the big day? Are you finished shopping yet? Are your cookies baked? Am I the only one not feeling it...........


  1. I know what you mean! I think everyone is in a tizzy!

  2. I am so not done shopping BUT we are iced in Hopefully by thursday we will thaw out and i can finish what i need to

  3. Hey Sandy,

    I know exactly what you mean...it just seems that Christmas sneaked up on us. I'm about through with my Christmas shopping...thankfully! I have not baked a single thing, but that is definitely on my list for this week. It's close to 70 here...much too warm for that Christmas feeling!

  4. You are def not the only one! I'm done shopping and I'm still feeling hurried and stressed! My baking day is this Sat!

  5. I'm right there with you! Not done shopping, wrapping, baking and I have people who will be here to celebrate on Saturday!! AHHHH! On the plus side, we just got some snow today, so maybe I'll be more in the mood later.

  6. We do need snow. Sunday was unusually warm and all the snow we had was gone. Though tonight we are supposed to get hit by 2-4 inches of snow. I am hoping it is more than 4 inches so that there is no school and I can sleep in another hour.:)

    My shopping is about 80 percent done.
    But, I still need to do cards and finish the decorations around the house.

    Usually baking pillsbury break and bake cookies puts me in the fa la la mood, but I do not have any in the house. Bah humbug.

  7. I am sort of feeling it. I am a little overwhelmed with trying to keep Stink excited about Christmas, counting down the days, that I haven't done any of my favorite things...like watch my favorite holiday movie....I did bake some cookies though- I gave away one dozen, and ate the other three. I think I shouldn't bake anymore. I hope you find the spirit!!

  8. Please, please do not remind me of this. HA! Anytime i go out, i come home with everything BUT presents.


  9. Yeah, I'm having a hard time keeping up this year too.

    To make it even more interesting, we are celebrating a week early this year at home with the kids - yup... that means THIS THURSDAY! Everyone has been sick lately and I still haven't finished the shopping!

    Good luck and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  10. See that's why you need to send the snow down to me!! Last week it was freezing around here, 45 for the high, and I was really feeling it. Now, 60 and rain, not feeling it! Share, girl, share!!

  11. this year feels different.

    i have so much going on...being pregnant, moving, etc. that i just haven't gotten into the christmas spirit yet.

    when am i going to? ahh..probably christmas eve. haha.

  12. I think I am *thisclose* to having my shopping done. As for the wrapping part, that is a WHOLE other story. LOL


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