Friday, December 12, 2008

What a Deal!

Big Daddy and I were headed out to the Christmas Boulevard tonight. It's a light display that you drive through. We take the kids every year and the girls love seeing all the decorations. They even get bags of chips from Santa! They had a great time:)

Before we got started, we decided to gas up. We went to the gas station at the grocery store because we had accumulated bonus points to use toward gas. Check out the price we paid for gas.

Well, Big Daddy is a sucker for a good deal and man was he happy:) Here was our grand total! Too bad the tank wasn't empty.

Pretty cool huh?!


  1. wow...great!! Merry Christmas early!! lol

  2. Whoa, what year was this photo taken!!

    How awesome! My husband would have gone home and got the other car to fill up as well. He He!

  3. That is freaking awesome! Isn't it funny how like 2 months ago we dreaded getting gas....I now don't mind! Ha! This is a CRAZY WORLD!

  4. I love love love getting gas at the grocery store!!!! It works out perfectly :o)


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