Saturday, November 15, 2008

Dear Mother In- Law.....

The rum and vodka cherries worked out great! I fed them to all the kids and they are taking a great nap. What's that you say, they were for me? OOPS!................ JUST KIDDING! They are delicious:)


  1. Thanks for checking out the signature. I only started blogging about a month ago and I am hooked. Rum and vodka cherries sound good right now. Take away the chill of a cold and rainy day.

  2. HA! Not a fan of cherries unless they're in pie, but anything soaked in rum AND vodka could make me happy!

  3. fancy fruit!!

    i came by to congratulate you as the winner of my bloggy makeover giveaway. i have let April know so the two of you should start connecting soon and get this blog personalized and gorgeous!!


  4. BAHAHAHAHAHA I'll bet they were good:)


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