Friday, November 28, 2008

Our Day of Thanks

Wow, what a great day we had yesterday. Holidays just make me feel all warm and fuzzy. I love spending time with my family. Our busy lives sometimes do not give us the opportunity to just get together and relax. I really appreciate the holidays for allowing us to do that. Our day was fantastic. I got up early like every other turkey maker did, I'm sure. Spent a little time alone with my thoughts, some time with my bloggy friends, and a bit of catching up on the news. I then woke every one else to get them out of bed and dressed. My kids love to cook, so they were eager to get started. I showed Madelyn the turkey in the oven and all she could say was "Holy God". Waiting for Nana and Poppy to get here was like torture for them. They could not wait to start making chocolate pies and cranberry relish. They always do that with Nana. Brandon, our stuffing maker, was on standby. He asked a dozen times if we were ready for him yet. Aaron just wanted to be able to use knives. ( I really have to wonder about him sometimes.) I love this part of Thanksgiving. Tradition. Something as simple as making a pie with their Nana, makes them so happy. And me too! Our next task was to watch the Macy's parade. I set the DVR to record it so we would all be here together when they began to throw candy;) The girls collected a lot and still have no idea that we were the ones throwing the candy to them. Another successful year!
Before long, it was time to eat. We had a special guest for the day. My nephew, James called the day before and asked if he could join us. Of course, there is always room at my table! The boys were really happy to have him there for the day. They played video games and topped of the evening with a couple of games of Texas Holdem'. Big Daddy and Poppy headed off to buy an antique iron fence that Poppy has been dreaming about for a while and Nana and I watched Christmas movies with the girls. It was a simple, yet fabulous day. I hope that everyone else had a great day like we did!


  1. Your day sounded so beautiful. I still crack up when I think of the video of you all throwing candy at the girls while watching the parade. What a hoot!!

  2. Your day sounded like bliss too!

    What a lovely family!

  3. Sounds like a wonderfully successful Holiday. The candy throwing thing had me laughing!! How very clever. And it's nice that you always have room at your table...hmmmm I wish I had known that yesterday!


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