Monday, November 10, 2008

Turkey Hats

Today we made these adorable little bobbing head turkey hats! They are very silly as the heads bob up and down while the girls "Gobble, Gobble" around the room doing the "Turkey Strut"!

First thing you need to do, is trace a circle shape for the head.

Next, cut two strips of paper that will form the headband part of the hat.

Then, we colored the parts we cut out. You could just use brown paper for this if you like. My girls just love to color.

Tape the paper strips end to end to make one long piece.
Fit this piece around your child's head to fit snugly and secure with tape.

Make a turkey face on the circle.

Attach the head of the turkey to a small strip of paper folded accordion style.
Cut out some feathers.....
...and some wings.

Attach all the parts to the headband that you created and you have a bobbing head turkey hat!

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  1. Love it!! So cute!! I will have to keep that idea for our(Canadian) Thanksgiving next year!! (Might have to make one for myself too!heehee)


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