Monday, November 17, 2008

Muffin Tin Monday

Welcome! Michelle at Her Cup Overfloweth has asked me to be the guest host of Muffin Tin Monday this week. She was unable to do it due to a family emergency. Please keep her and her family in your prayers.

The theme for this week is Fruits and Veggies, Dips and Spreads. Yum, yum! Next weeks theme will be:
Foods your kids are thankful for/favorites!
So, here is our yummy muffin tin!


  1. They look great! Here is a link to my veggies and dip muffin tin.

  2. Thanks for hosting this week!
    Love the turkeys on your blog, BTW!
    Megret :)

  3. Oh, this is such a good idea. I have got to go pick up 2 more muffins tins! I'll tell ya, your music on your blog, make me feel so fuzzy and warm. I think about my kids, when I listen. I love Laurie Berkner! I see her a bunch on Noggin.

  4. Hi! Thanks for guest hosting! Here is my post on Muffin Tin Monday:
    Since you can't get my photo there, here is that link (just for the photo)
    Thanks! Have a good day!

  5. You can find mine here.


  6. Thanks for guest hosting! Your blog is fabulous!

    Here's mine for this week!

  7. Thank you for hosting! You can find our tins at:

    Thanks again!

  8. Mine is up.

  9. These look so yummy! We were visiting friends today, so I've just posted ours. :)

  10. You already have my muffin tin up from Michelle, but here is the direct link. I messed up with the theme...oops!

    I've read through your blog a bit and you have so many fun ideas...I can't wait to try them out!

  11. Here's my muffin tin:

    Thanks for hosting this week! Your site looks great with so many ideas, too! :)

  12. They all look so yummy! Well done everyone! And thank you so much Sandy for hosting - I knew everyone would love taking a look at my soul sister/kindred spirit's blog-it's wonderful!

  13. Aw, that makes me miss summer even more. Noah and I used to eat these together. I suppose I could do them for dinner, but it seems so much more fun to do at lunch. I know...I'll just call in sick every Monday! LOL

  14. OH I love all the ideas! I haven't tried this yet, but I think Esme (19 months) is just about ready for this now...


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