Friday, November 7, 2008

My Little Tree

This little tree is standing in my front yard. It always seems to be the last tree to change color. I wait and watch and wait and watch. Nothing. Until about two days ago. I sat at my desk and glanced out the window and "wow", it looked really pretty. I almost missed it! I walk by it every day and it was not doing anything. Now it has changed and with the gorgeous sunshine today it was a glorious change. Change is good.


  1. BEAUTIFUL!!!! The perfect shade of orange! I love orange!!

    PS we are blogging @ the same time today bc you commented on SiTS right in the middle of Yaya and Hula! (both my blogs.....) Good timing!

  2. All our color is it's nice to share your beautiful tree....and I'm still laughing about your comment in my clown post...too funny!

  3. Sooooo pretty! We don't get good color changes like that down here in the south. Of course most of our trees are pine too....


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