Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Update- Dear Wrestling Coach/Teacher

This afternoon, Big Daddy received a phone call from the infamous Wrestling coach/Teacher. He was super apologetic about his major error in judgement. He had already apologized to my son, but until now, we did not hear from him. This is all I asked for and of course I accept his apology. However, it better not ever happen again:) Still no word whether or not he wants ME to wrestle. I guess I'll just have to take off my cat suit and wait for his call....

P.S. I can't help but wonder if he reads my blog? I know the principal does. Hi Nunk:)


  1. Finally, he was man enough to apologize. Man, I would still want to kick his caboose.

    Cool, I am going to take a button:D

  2. It is me again. To get your button, I have to do a save as to my computer. It will not let me just to a copy and paste. Am I doing it wrong?

  3. Hi! Stopping by from SITS. Your blog is beautiful! Love the design. Glad the coach apologized.

  4. Howdy, stopping over from SITS.. the coffee is ON honey! come on over :-)


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