Thursday, November 20, 2008

Parenting Advice

Note: The photo that follows is purely for demonstration purposes only! I would never intentionally leave the room, to get a tissue, while the kids are finger painting. That would be just plain ridiculous. I mean really, who would be so stupid?


  1. You mean your house doesn't ALWAYS look like this? Well, shucks! And here I thought we had something in common!

  2. Oh and the kids were helping you with the demonstration. Ahh, kids.

    Since I also am able to stay home, I like the snow. Yet, if I have to drive in it for any errand(spelling?), it is no longer fun to look at all the white stuff.

    I make sure, that I make no plans on a particular day, if they are calling for a big snow day.

  3. Oh wow!! How long did it take you to clean that up?? At least you had the sense of humor enough to photograph it first, lol!

  4. Oops! It doesn't take kids long to make a mess does it? I think it only takes my two little tornadoes a minute or two to mess up my whole house and it takes me all day to clean it up!


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