Saturday, November 8, 2008

Painting with Things from Around the Kitchen

Sometimes, I just like to let the girls paint with something other then brushes. Today we painted using objects we found around the kitchen. We chose a masher, a whisk. a lid from a jar, and a pastry brush. No rules. Just fun:)


  1. Stopping by from SITs....

    Five?! I am sure you get that a lot...but with my one little boy, and one on the way, I really can't imagine five. But, missing that newborn quality sure would have me in babymode in seconds flat!

  2. I love your blog layout. The graphic turkeys are really cute. My kids used to do "gaget painting" at nursery school all the time. Have you tried one of those spiral whisks used for mixing drinks? They are springy! And the kids love them.

  3. Ella-I'll have to try one of those whisks. The kids really liked the different patterns that they made with the other gadgets.

  4. Great idea! Makes me think I should add a little food coloring to my mashed potatoes next time. Purple potatoes sound fun!


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